News Archive - 2020

iGrid.NET X RC2 available
The development of iGrid.NET X has been successfully finished. The RC2 build of the control is available, and the release date is schedulled on the first half of July. The RC2 demo pack now also includes the updated main demo of iGrid.NET with full source code and the demo versions of the control DLLs. You can use them to try the new iGrid.NET in your apps.
iGrid.NET X RC1 Demo available
The first public Release Candidate build of iGrid.NET X is available. Download the demo pack including the portable DPI-aware demo and its full source code to see iGrid.NET X in action.
iGrid.NET X announcement
We are preparing the next generation of our WinForms grid control, iGrid.NET version X, for publishing. Read the announcement at the top of the page, download the What's New for the new iGrid, and follow our news to find out more about the new iGrid.NET.
iGrid.NET 6.0.37 with critical bug fixes released
This release of iGrid.NET fixes two critical problems related to the right-to-left mode and entering symbols with diacritical marks like circumflex or accent (â, é, etc.). One minor problem related to non-sortable rows was also fixed in this release.
10Tec Forum engine updated
10Tec Forum was upgraded to the latest version of the YetAnotherForum engine. The new version provides appealing and modern responsive interface suitable for usage on desktop workstations and mobile devices. Visit our forum to see its new look, to know how our products are used in real-world apps and to ask your questions if you have ones.