News Archive - 2011

3 new samples for iGrid ActiveX
3 new excellent samples were added to our online iGrid ActiveX Extra Samples library. Two of them show how to enhance the built-in tree columns, and the 3rd demonstrates how to implement drag select to copy cell values interactively like in MS Excel.
iGrid ActiveX 5.0 build 52 published
This build of iGrid ActiveX fixes two problems you may encounter while designing forms with iGrid in MS Access.
iGrid.NET's new extra samples
While the work on iGrid.NET 4.0 which is totally based now on the .NET Framework 4.0 is in progress, we still continue to support our customers and prepare samples for them during our tech support work. As always, the best examples are published in our online library of extra samples for iGrid.NET.
Recently this library was updated with new samples. Among them Column Resize Manager you can use to resize columns in iGrid.NET even if it does not have the header, and Mask Edit which shows how to implement mask input with better functionality than just simple static input mask.
See these new samples, updated ones and others in the Extra Samples library.
iGrid ActiveX 5.0 released
This is one of the most significant releases of the control in its life cycle.
It implements a new cell check box system which can be easily used with any standard cell contents, new improvements to make it possible to use all custom drawing features and Unicode characters processing, more abilities to localize all default interface strings, and a series of small but useful additions in the existing members.
This release of iGrid fixes all critical bugs found by the developers past year. Among them is the workaround for a non-fixed bug in all latest versions of MS Access which causes the corruption of a form with iGrid after doing copy/paste operations at design time.
The help file was rewritten to include the descriptions of the new members from the latest versions of iGrid. It also contains many new conceptual topics and additional samples to demonstrate the usage of iGrid in different scenarios.
This is a must-have update for all customers who are actively using the latest versions of iGrid ActiveX (4.x).
Our ActiveX controls receives highest awards
Our ActiveX controls are continuing to receive highest awards in different shareware online catalogs. This year we got some new awards for iGrid and hTooltip.
iGrid ActiveX 4.7 build 153 published
An updated version of our ActiveX grid was published. This build contains fixes for 3 bugs revealed after the version 4.7 had been released.
iGrid ActiveX 4.7 released
We released a new version of our iGrid ActiveX. This new version, 4.7, implements great control enhancements and contains a series of important bug fixes and corrections.
The most significant new features include the ability to make individual cells non-selectable so the user can never reach them with the mouse or keyboard with just one simple property called 'CellSelectable', and dynamic cell icons. The latter thing implies that you can set cell icons and even their source image lists (!) on the fly, and this feature can highly improve the performance of your grids compared to the previous versions of product - especially if you grids have thousands of rows.
This release is a must have update for all who are using the latest versions (4.x) of the control. As always, the comprehensive list of changes can be found in the What's New document supplied with the control or online on this site.
New version of ImageList ActiveX released (v2.4)
A new update of our version of vbAccelerator ImageList ActiveX control we are supporting is available. It has one new feature implemented in the form of the 'DrawImageAlpha' method used to draw an icon of any format transparently with the specified level of transparency. This release also fixes some problems which might prevent this control from working properly at design-time in the MS Office VBA development environment.
New user forum launched
A new forum based on the modern ASP.NET forum engine called 'YetAnotherForum.NET' was established on our website. Now this forum is available for the public after working in test mode for two weeks.
We encourage you to use our forum to ask your questions and find the solutions for your problems. This will help you to find the answers faster and eventually will help the whole developer community as the forum will become a good comprehensive knowledge base for our products.
WinAmp-Styled Dragging sample for the latest iGrid ActiveX
The WinAmp-Styled Dragging additional sample was updated so it can be used with the latest versions of iGrid ActiveX (v4.x). It provides you with a ready-to-use code you can use to reorder rows interactively with the mouse as you can do that in the WinAmp player.
Don't forget to check our iGrid Extra Sample Library from time to time to see more new samples and useful ideas of how iGrid can be used in your apps.