News Archive - 2010

iGrid ActiveX 4.6 released
The next big update of our ActiveX grid is available. Among the new features you'll find the ability to draw dotted or solid tree lines and totally customizable plus/minus buttons for tree nodes and group rows, one scroll bar enhancement concerning the mouse wheel, a couple of new service functions which simplify your coding and two important bug fixes.
The help file was supplemented by many new topics which explain the basic concepts of iGrid and the new members. The CHM's structure was also redesigned a lot to make the things more clear and simpler to find during everyday work.
We highly recommend that you stay up-to-date with iGrid ActiveX and upgrade to this update of the product.
New highest awards of iGrid.NET
We are proud to say that our iGrid.NET control is constantly awarded the highest prizes by online shareware catalogs. You can view all iGrid.NET awards on the corresponding page.
DocMounter 2.0.14 out
A new build of the tool was published. It contains several enhancements and bug fixes, mainly related to checking absent documented DLLs and external tools needed to build project.
iGrid ActiveX 4.5 build 0124 published
A minor update of our ActiveX grid control was published. It contains a bug fix for the code that maintains the collection of the selected items in row mode.
DocMounter 2.0 released
The next generation of our free tool the .NET developers can use to document their assemblies was released.
This version of DocMounter was completely rewritten to use the up-to-date documentation compiler called Sandcastle which is used by the Microsoft team for MSDN. DocMounter 2.0 also introduces many new great enhancements, such as syntax coloring and spell-checking in your topic texts, a better user-intuitive insert tag dialog, new build options and project service operations, the ability to import prepared XML Documentation descriptions.
Read the pages in the updated DocMounter section to find out more about the new DocMounter.
iGrid ActiveX 4.5 build 0123 published
An important update of our ActiveX grid control is available. This build of iGrid supports the browsing of the new DAO Recordsets from the latest versions of MS Access (2007/2010) and two critical bug fixes.
iGrid.NET 3.0 released
This release of our WindowsForms grid control implements many enhances and new features, and the most significant of them is full support of the .NET Framework 4.0 client profiles introduced by Microsoft in Visual Studio 2010. The other important update is our PrintManager add-on for iGrid.NET with the rewritten localizable interface and other new abilities, such as custom-drawn page sections.
10Tec version of vbAccelerator ImageList v2.3 published
The next version of this great free image list ActiveX control supported by us was released. Among the recent changes you'll find one important fix for the bug which is still present in the original version of the component - your 32-bit icons with alpha channel become corrupted if you upload them into this control. The v2.3 is free from this bug, and we highly recommend that you use it in your apps if you work with 32-bit images on Windows XP and newer systems.
VS.NET 2010 compatible iGrid.NET installation published
We and our customers did a lot of tests of our iGrid.NET control under the latest release of Visual Studio, 2010, and the .NET Framework 4.0 after their final release in April this year, and now we are ready to say that our .NET grid control can be used in this environment.
We also updated our installation of iGrid.NET to make it fully compatible with this version of VS. Among the changes we made is the automatic creation of all the required toolbox items during installation and a separate new version of our iGrid.NET electronic documentation compatible with the new MS Help Viewer 1.0 system.
iGrid ActiveX 4.0 build 0098 published
An update of our ActiveX grid control with some improvements and minor bug fixes revealed after the release has been published.
The main demo application of iGrid was also enhanced a lot. Download it to see the fresh design based on real TrueColor icons and the enhanced logic of some samples (such as Folder Size Manager).
iGrid.NET 2.5 build 0027 with updated help published
Our .NET grid control was updated - its new build contains two minor bug fixes.
The help file for the grid was enhanced and rebuilt using a new version of our DocMounter tool. The fresh version of the iGrid HxS help looks like the VS 2008 documentation and uses all its latest features.
iGrid ActiveX 4.0 released
A new major update of our ActiveX grid was published. It contains an impressive set of new features and improvements suggested by our customers during last several years. Among them you'll find full Unicode support (displaying and editing) on all modern Windows systems, built-in support for hierarchical sets of rows (grouping and tree-like grid), cardinal cell structure improvements (up to 15 image lists of different sizes for the grid cells, the ability to specify the position of the icon against to cell text, arbitrary horizontal and vertical alignment for the cell contents including multiline texts), built-in tooltips for truncated cells and column headers, etc - the document with the full list of changes has 27 page!
The demo of iGrid was also updated a lot. Now it contains a new special separate demo which demonstrates the new features in action.
Read the What's New document and download the new demo to see how the new iGrid looks and works.
10Tec version of vbAccelerator ImageList v2.2 published
A new version of this image list control used in our demos was published. It contains the fixes for all bugs revealed by us and our customers during last years and many improvements in the interface and program members which allow you to do your work much faster and easier.
The product also has a special separate section on our website now.