News Archive - 2016

iGrid ActiveX with high resolution display support
Meet the new build of 10Tec ActiveX grid with much better support for high-resolution displays like modern 4K or other Ultra HD screens. Some of the new enhancements allow you to adjust iGrid ActiveX items automatically for better user experience even on traditional displays with 96 ppi.
The help system for the product has been also updated. It describes the new functionality and reflects all related changes in the iGrid members.
iGrid.NET 5.0.10 published
An update for our WinForms grid control is available. We have implemented tree filter mode and fixed serious memory leak problems in this version. Read the What's New file to find out more about these and other enhancements.
iGrid ActiveX 6.0.24 out
A micro-update for iGrid ActiveX is available. It fixes 4 minor bugs. New VBA samples for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access were added to the demo:
Tree grid with totals sample for Microsoft Access
iGrid ActiveX 6.0.20 available
The first service release for iGrid 6 is available. The latest build fixes all problems revealed since the release date and brings some great enhancements. The most noteworthy enhancement is new optimizations in the iGrid drawing code that make our ActiveX grid drawing faster and eliminate odd visual effects like "rows tearing" while scrolling the grid.
xDir ActiveX Library 2.1 released
Meet the new version of the xDir Library, a powerful replacement for the VBA Dir function.
This release of our file/folder enumeration tool allows you to control whether xDir uses file system redirections in 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows and traverses junction points. The new IXDFolderEnumError interface provides you with extended information about problems with enumeration of folder contents. The context search algorithm has been rewritten for better performance and now supports huge files with sizes greater than 2Gb.
The latest build fixes some minor problems in the component functionality. The help file for the product has been greatly revamped and extended with details regarding the functionality and new samples.