News Archive - 2008

iGrid.NET 2.5 build #0007 released
An updated version of iGrid.NET and its add-on component PrintManager with some bug fixes and important improvements have been published. The demo has been also supplemented with a new sample that demonstrates how the iGrid.NET drop-down list items can be colorized and made non-selectable.
iGrid ActiveX 3.0 build #0214 released
One more important update of our ActiveX grid has been published. It contains some important bug fixes and enhancements in the behavior and look of the control, and we recommend that you use this latest build in your apps. Read the What's New list to find out more about the recent changes.
iGrid.NET 2.5 released
The new big update of our .NET grid control has been published today. The plenty of the new enhancements concerns both the functional part (for instance, the iGrid.NET auto-complete lists now have more options to customize, the fully functional tree structure of items with tree lines can be created in any column and moved to any place) and the visual drawing (iGrid.NET can be styled, the drop-down list items can have individual colors, etc).
As always, the full detailed list of the new features can be found in the What's New document supplied with the updated demo of the component and on the What's New page online.
xDir 2.0 reloaded
We are proud to present the totally updated demo, manual and a fresh build of the xDir component (build #0120).
First of all, the new build allows you to work properly with the file and folder names in the Unicode encoding. It is a very important update if you operate with files or folders in different encodings such as Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese Hiragana, etc. in the same OS.
Second, the updated demo now contains three basic demo applications:
 1) The xDir 2.0 Professional Edition demo.
 2) The xDir 2.0 Standard Edition demo.
 3) The xDir 2.0 Professional Edition Unicode Test sample.
The demo was also supplemented with some starter samples which demonstrate how you can use xDir in the .NET Framework and VBA projects in MS Office systems (MS Access, MS Excel, etc).
The installation package also includes the totally rewritten and extended manual that describes all the basic features of xDir, many advanced topics and notes, and now also contains a very detailed and screenshot-featured step-by-step getting started instruction. The manual is also available as a standalone download.
And the last new benefit. Now we sell both editions of xDir, Standard and Professional, in one pack, and you can buy them together for a less price.
iGrid.NET Extra Sample Library updated
Our customers ask us to implement the same sample of the iGrid.NET usage for different versions of the control and Visual Studio, and we changed the layout of our Extra Sample Library page to allow displaying the list of the environments each sample is available for.
We also updated the set of samples. Now the Multi-Column Drop-Down List sample is available in two editions - for iGrid.NET 1.x and iGrid.NET 2.0. We also published a new Progress Bar Cells sample which gives you a ready-to-use class you can use to turn your numeric cells into handy progress bar representation. And finally, a modified version of the Rating Stars sample called Rating Stars Unlimited was published.
iGrid ActiveX 3.0 build #0200 with improved MS Access support published
It is an important update of the control, especially if you wish to use iGrid on the MS Access forms. In the previous versions of iGrid, not all available iGrid control keys can be used in MS Access because MS Access considers them as its own control keys, but this build of iGrid fixes this problem by implementing a new COM keyboard hook. Even if you do not plan to use iGrid in MS Access, this update introduces some important changes in the key handling process in the control which make your life easier.